My Story

In this Adventure Together

Hi, I’m Tamara. Welcome to A Great Big Life. This blog was created to share my passions and values for self-care, travel, and financial freedom.

During Christmas 2021, my husband bought me a DIY Coaching Program through Jen Sincero called “You Are A Badass.” It basically coached me through setting a big stretch goal and following through with actionable steps over an 8 week period.

It took me 5 weeks to come up with my goal but once I started going down the blogging path, it hit me like a freight train. I mean I feel like the stars aligned and it was my gigantic “aha” moment. The excitement poured in from every direction.

This blog allows me to utilize and share my gifts with all of you!

I came from very humble beginnings and spent 7 years in the US Marine Corps. I’ve learned through the years that humble beginnings don’t have to define you. You can do and be whatever you set you mind to.

I have worked in the corporate world, owned a couple of web-based businesses (side hustles), and was co-owner of a craft beer and wine bar for almost 6 years (also a side hustle). I will retire early and this blog is my absolute dream job allowing me to work from just about anywhere and make my own hours.

Don’t we all just want a great big happy life?

It’s my mission to help you create a great big happy life by providing tips I’ve learned throughout the course of my life. It is completely possible to live a life bigger than anything you’ve ever dreamed of. Are you ready to join me?